Saying Goodbye to 2020

The year 2020 was a surprise, to say the least. As usual everyone around the world welcomed in the new year with a lot of anticipation and expectation.

Tis’ what we were all thinking

31st December 2019 found me in the town square of Riga Latvia, waiting for the new year to ring in. For the first time, I was not home for the New Year. There was so much excitement in the air. While the countdown began and the fireworks started I looked forward to a year of adventure, new places, more travel. As I stood there with all the celebrations going on around me, I had all these thoughts and plans running through my head. Little did I know what was in store.

Covid came visiting and suddenly everything changed. While the pandemic wrecked havoc across the globe, lives changed. All plans had to be forgotten. So travel was out of the question.

Everyone dealt with the situation differently. A lot of complaining, whining and cursing happened. But, we still have a lot to be thankful for.

How many of us can look back on the past year and find some positives?

The year saw a constant change, it was challenging as well as scary. Lives were paused, jobs lost and a lot of adjustments were made. 2020 was a wake-up call to humanity.

While kids had online classes and adults worked from home, some loved ones lost the battle against the virus, some fought it and came back stronger.

Anything you did to stay positive and get through each day is an accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself.

There has been a lot of really bad times in the past year, pain and hurt, more lows than highs, but there have been those few good moments as well, like time at home with family, finding new hobbies, checking up on family and friends. Staying in touch via social media became a habit. We saw and spoke to everyone online more than we ever did when things were normal. That’s a positive there.

So it is important that we take the time to dig into the past year and find those silver linings and celebrate them. Most who take the time to reflect will find more to cherish.

On a personal front, it has been a time for growth. I was and am grateful for the small things, that made a difference. No longer taking anything for granted. There were uncertainties and concerns but with it came resilience.

Thankful for Life.

More and more people have concentrated on what matters and let go of the trivial stuff. We learnt how to be minimalistic. Most of us are too involved in our own lives, however, this year we realised that life is fragile. We may have been safe, but people around us were suffering and we empathised. Every one of us know someone who has been affected by Covid -19 and while we prayed for them, we were thankful that we were safe. We learnt to appreciate.

Change your perspective – It’s easy to get caught up in what’s wrong in our lives and miss what’s positive or going well.

Starting your day by reminding yourself of the good things in your life can help you keep a more balanced outlook in the face of the day’s challenges. Note down the positives, you will realise they outnumber the negatives. Look at the bright side. We made it through.

Mindless scrolling on social media can increase stress and anxiety. Put the phone and computer aside and take a walk, cook a meal, or ask your family about their day. Technology does help everyone stay connected, but we should also realise how it affects us.

Be kind to yourself – It’s easy to be overly critical of ourselves right now, which only increases stress and makes things worse. 

Pause to take a deep breath, a bubble bath, a nap, whatever you need that day to help you remember that you’re important too. Just take care of yourself. Too many things are not in our control, so we can benefit by going easy on ourselves.

A crisis always brings people together. We break down walls and forget differences. We become more human.

The most valuable lesson I learned in 2020 is that this global pandemic provided us all with a valuable gift. The gift of time, in abundance. People are always complaining about not having enough time to do what they would like to do most. This year gave us time.

I am thankful for my family across the world, we found time to connect and stay connected. Each one of us fought our own personal battles and came out tops. Cheers family!!

We can bid farewell to 2020, and start dreaming again. Taking those dreams seriously. It is time to make new plans. New resolutions.

And finally – What an era is every New Year’s Day if well considered! Another stage in our journey, a shifting of the scene without interrupting the continuity of the piece …the winding up of our watch that it may tell us the time of tomorrow; a fresh page in our Book of Existence, in which much may be written. 

Happy New Year everyone!!


Some funny new year resolutions 😉

My new year resolution – To find happiness and joy in everyone and everything around me. To appreciate the fact that I have the chance to dream some more, plan some more, do some more. Travel the world, see new places, meet new people. And above all to be thankful for the gift of LIFE. ❤️

It will be interesting to read some of your resolutions too. Feel free to share them in the comments section.


8,676 Replies to “Saying Goodbye to 2020

  1. Again. Fantastic.
    I feel Blessed even at these times especially for being able to wakeup every morning to a new beautiful day, knowing that family,friends and loved ones are safe. Praying for the situation to improve around the world and as you mention discovering our inner selves who we lost down the line to chaos and rat race we deal with in life .
    I do hope and pray, truly believe that 2021 will be brighter and better.

    As usual,
    I surrender all,unto Him.
    His WILL be done.
    To a Healthy 2021. ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Beautiful Dom. I am so happy and grateful that I have found my cousins across the globe. Looking forward to the day we all can meet up. Love you all lots. Xx

  3. My new year resolution-
    Be thankful for all that you have. Some people dont have that also. Be greatful and appreciate everything. Thank God for the lovely family and friends who are family.

    Your writing is a inspiration to all who read it Doma. As usual very well penned down

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  4. Beautiful read Doms. Can’t believe a New Year is only 13.5 hours away. Feeling gratitude for the old and the new. Lessons that have been learned and lessons to be learned. 💘

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