Roots, Wings and Love to last a life time.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay” – The Dalai Lama

A home is blessed when it is  filled with the chatter and laughter of kids. After becoming a parent, the meaning of life changed. It was no longer about me. My world began to revolve around my kids. They took centre stage and nothing was the same again. 

We take on many roles in our lives, being parents becomes the larger, more fulfilling, time consuming role. 

As your child grows, you grow too. It is a never ending learning process, in stages. And as a parent you make sure you teach them everything you believe is right to make them good humans.

The first stage begins when your babies take their first step or say their first word and nothing else in the world matters to you but these little moments. You are their first teacher. You hold their hand and teach them to walk. You are ready to pick them up as soon as they fall. You want to be the shield between them and all danger. Loving them above and beyond everything else.

Children learn by watching you. Always teach them to respect and appreciate the presence of everyone around them.

You know that one day your child has to leave your side and go to school. You mentally prepare yourself for it. But when the moment actually arrives, it’s the hardest thing you have had to do. It breaks your heart to let them out of your sight even for a little while. And so begins the second stage.

Through days, months and years of achievements, disappointments, success and failures your child grows, nurtured with your love. Kissing away the bruises and tears, comforting, protecting and guiding them through this sometimes confusing journey.

Always teaching them to be the better person, letting them know when they are wrong. Being a strict parent does not make you a bad parent. On the contrary being strict with your child when required instils the right values.

Your home may be chaos but in the midst of all the mess,  love and laughter dwells.

The teenage years brings with it the joy and pain of growing up, opening up a whole new range of emotions, with a fair share of heartbreaks. All the while you stand by your children, rock solid, protecting and preparing them for life. There are times when they are on top of the world and other times when nothing seems to be going their way. And you are always right there, telling them everything’s going to be alright. They are confident in the fact that you can solve every problem and set all the wrongs right. The trust that is built between you and your child helps form the strongest bond. 

We capture every moment filling albums with photographs, creating memories. Because you know one day your little bird is going to fly the nest.

In no time your baby is a young adult, ready to make decisions for their future. We are now in Stage three. They are ready to spread their wings and soar. Higher studies or job opportunities take them to different cities or countries. Once again you urge them on, guiding and advising them on the ways of the world. You help them get through any insecurities or hesitations and all the while it is getting harder for you to accept the fact that one of these days they will be gone.

And suddenly it seems as if someone has reached into your chest and ripped your heart right out.

There isn’t really any time to dwell on those feelings while trying to share their excitement of all the planning, preparation and packing.

But on a happier note – you are confident that you have taught your children well. And they will learn to value everything they have left behind at home as well as everything they acquire in their independent lives. It is not about what we did for them, but what we taught them to do for themselves to become successful human beings. 
Up to this moment in time this was your world. But everything is going to change, you find yourself saying good bye.

The Nest is Empty now. You are alone. The silence and loneliness creeps up on you. This is the hardest stage. No one told you how much it would hurt.
From personal experience, the ache in your heart is so bad that you want to curl up and just stay numb forever. Nothing is the same. The silence is eerie, everything around you reminds you of happier times when your children still lived at home.

We look forward to those calls and messages everyday. Wait for when we can visit them or they come home. Christmases were always very special to me. But after my kids left home to pursue their goals Christmas has become even more special because it is the time of the year when we are all together.

Inspite of all this pain, we need to realise it is not the end of the world for us. There is no need to wallow in sadness and self pity.

It’s time to find new things to do. Time to spend all of our energies on new hobbies and interests. Reconnect with yourself and use all the time you have to do everything you always wanted to do.

I started driving, something I had not attempted because my son always drove me around. I always had a driving licence, just never used it. Once I got over the initial nervousness of being behind the wheel I started going on long drives. Just get in the car and drive. I would plan an odd weekend afternoon in the mall, just watching the world go by. 

I started reading again, picking up from where I had stopped or slowed down. 
The week days were not so bad, the time spent teaching was very rewarding as I was not alone. I did everything I could to stay busy and not let the loneliness get the better of me. I started to travel, trek, run marathons, go to the gym and write. There is always something new to learn or do once you work your head around it.  We all have different ways of dealing with it and I am sure every parent will find their way. Just don’t give in to the loneliness. 

Take baby steps, one small step at a time and it gets better.  

Parenting had come full circle. The kids are out there in the world doing great things. It is their story to tell now……

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  1. Makes me nervous Doms…time flies and Kash is growing up so fast. Also makes me think of my mom and dad (and all of our parents) who went through the same emotions but never let us in in on the loneliness they were going through. Well written cuz…Judy

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  2. The same thoughts crossed my mind while writing it Judes. We never realised what our parents went through till it was our turn. Being nervous is very natural. But you will find the strength too. 😘😘

  3. Beautifully penned doma. Can relate myself to ur write up . I fully agree with ur words and experiences of being a mother. Love you. Keep writing.

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  4. Just Awesome!! As always you have spelt the word's out for all Parents who have, are and will go through the same phase. Can relate to it with my Lovely Nieces and Nephews. The lovely growing years and the fun we had together. 😘😘😘

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