Just a mom… they say.

 Welcome to My first blog. Here I am, excited about putting my thoughts down in a place where someone will read it. 

For years now I have made many attempts at writing. A few poems, expressions of happiness, anger, disappointment, words in my head jotted down and then forgotten. So today, during one of my musings on doing something constructive, I made up my mind that a blog is the best place to share my insights.

So step into my world. I am Dominica Greatorex. A mother first, to two amazing adults. A teacher next. Teaching has been my passion for a better part of my adult life and I enjoy every moment of it.

Lived in this lovely town Hubli, in Karnataka for all of my growing years.

Once married I became a part of the Indian Naval family and like all defence families travelled across many Indian ports. Each posting was an experience. 

A first time  mom at the age of 23, was exciting, scary, a learning, a growing exhilarating experience. I had some of the strangest and widest range of emotions. With a second baby at the age of 28, you would think I was seasoned enough. Well, let me just say, no two babies are alike, not even siblings. And so began my journey of motherhood and more.  

There are many sides to me, but the most important one is being a MOM. 

There is no way you are just a mom, you are always a work in progress. You go through stages of panic, to coping, to confidence. The moment a child is born, there is the birth of a mother too. 

Mom – Probably the most used word in the dictionary, no matter in which language. 

Being a Mom means trusting your instincts. Knowing that the little life you hold in your arms needs you… every minute of every hour of your day. It means forgetting to look pretty or comb your hair or sit down to enjoy a cup of tea and sleep is like a Unicorn, you’ve heard about it, but you are sure it doesn’t exist.  Being a Mom = Miracle maker, Spiritual Teacher. 

There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one. The role you play in your child’s life defines them. 

Scold them, mould them, hold them and guide them, be stern be kind, teach them to pray,

Love them, protect them and show them the right way. 

My Mom was the wind beneath my wings, my source of strength that guided me through years of all kinds of everything. She was the rock solid foundation that helped me build everything of value. 

To all you moms out there, there is no greater gift or blessing. 

Just a mom… they say.


  Mom to Kimberley and Asher Greatorex – a tapestry of love.

“From the moment I became a mother, my purpose has been to love and protect my children with everything I have” 

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  1. This post is amazing but there is a part of information about this 'Mother' which needs to be added on here.

    You aren't a mother to only your kids but you always have been and you still are a mother to your siblings. No matter in what part of the world we are you are just a phone call or msg away. Alhough we are adults,any situation we need to face and deal with you are right by our sides in the solving team, supporting, advising, guiding and protecting us in all ways. No words will suffice to explain the reality of this 'Mother'.

    You are a unique example of a 'Mother' for those who have the respect and understand what the meaning of a mother is or those who need to know what a mother should be like.

    Love you and God Bless always ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Doma loved your write up. I can relate myself to your experiences. Well written and keep writing. Not only u are a great mom u are a lovely friend too. Love u loads

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  3. So perfectly stated. Doms. Mum was our strength and guide. We would not be what we are today if not for her. Like Lorenzo stated, you helped us get through once mum and dad left our side. You are all ears and ready to sort an issue out wherever or whenever possible. Love you my Mother Hen xxxxx

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  4. Very well written Doms…..

    There is no doubt that you have been there for us siblings, just as much as you do for your very own adorable kids, which proves you to be our own frontliner, especially when we run into trouble, even when it used to be mum and dad, you would take it all on our behalf, and we used you as our shield, thanking you wouldn’t be the appropriate way to express how much we appreciate and acknowledge your protective nature, as true as it is, a mother’s love doesn’t come for a thank you, it’s a unique gift indeed…….

    Stay blessed always……

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  5. Thank you Rocks, my brother in arms, we have been together through all kinds of everything, we siblings. A love without end. A legacy left to us. And together there will be many more good times and beautiful memories. Love you always. xoxo

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  6. Beautifully written Dom, looking forward to the next chapter. You also forgot to mention how clever you are. You have an amazing brain, and you do maths!!! ☺️

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  7. So wonderfully penned, my dear. Very simple and straight to the heart. You brought out the meaning and so clearly portrayed a mom. God bless you and keep going. Loved it a lot.

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