Letter from Mom – Straight from the heart.

A letter to my children.

My Dearest Children Kim and Ash,

Today I celebrate the greatness and blessing of being a Mom. There were no Degrees or Diplomas that prepared me for motherhood. It just came naturally. Every step of the way was a work in progress.

I may not have been the best mother at all times. But every decision I made concerning both of you was made to  guide you through life safely. 

All those times you drove me up the wall and I said – I wish someone kidnapped you or I could give you up for adoption…  it would never have worked… they would have only brought you back. 🤷🏻

Having said that I’m glad it didn’t happen 😂. You have both grown into amazing adults and the journey is a beautiful one.

Over the years  I have tried to teach you everything I believe you needed to know to grow into a responsible human being. 

While you were kids I tried to keep you safe from all physical and emotional harm, but there have been times when you have been hurt and it broke my heart to see you in pain.  Now you are adults and I can only pray you stay safe,  any decision you make decides the outcome. I can guide, advise and caution you but you will make mistakes, we all make mistakes. I will not be able to shield you from them  – they are a part of life. 

But I have taught you how to accept them and do what it takes to set things right. 

I often have strong opinions, but I do not expect you to agree with me. I just hope that we will always have the patience to hear one another out and respect each other’s opinions. I will always have suggestions and should you choose a path other than that, I will want to see you succeed and will be there to pick you up and lead you on, if you should stumble or fall. 

I want you to be happy always. Life is too short to be miserable over anything.  Laugh a lot, even if sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Be optimistic. Always see the brighter side of a situation. 

Don’t blame the universe when things go wrong. Be persistent, never give up. One day all the right doors will open and you will be living your dream. Know then that the time is right. As I have always said – Everything happens in it’s own time. Be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Life will take you down many roads. not all of them will be paved and smooth, there will be rough lesser travelled paths making the journey a little harder. But that does not mean you don’t walk the rough roads. Sometimes those are the roads that take you to your destination.

You will meet all kinds of people in your lives. There will be those who urge you on and support you and those who will criticise or ridicule you. It does not matter, in the end it is what YOU know, want and do that matters the most.                                                                                                           

I hope that the person you love makes you feel like the best version of yourself. I hope that person makes you laugh and inspires you. And You in turn will appreciate and respect that person. 

I may have disapproved your choice of music( payback for the fun you made of my country music and when I played Christmas carols over and over😉), the way you dressed or the other crazy little things you did. And I have probably  embarrassed you by doing “not cool” stuff, like clapping and cheering the loudest while you took part in anything, telling childhood stories that make you uncomfortable and talking non stop about all your achievements to anyone who would listen. 

I know there are times when you are angry or frustrated with me for the decisions I have made, or when I have stopped you from going somewhere or doing something; times when you just didn’t understand why I have made those decisions, but I hope even at those times, especially at those times, you will know that my decisions are made out of love. 

When you think of me, and I know you do (I am your mother after all😜), I hope you think of me with fondness and love. 

I may not be a role model, and I never want you to be like me. I just want you to see me as someone who tries to make the best of everything, who cares about others, someone who loves life and lives each day looking forward to new opportunity. I want you to know that I have my own way of doing things.

Through this journey of Motherhood, I have learnt a lot from you too. I have learnt to accept that the times have changed, you grow with your child. I have learnt to trust your judgement in certain matters. Above all I have learnt to love above and beyond every boundary. 


I will always be here to listen to what you have to say – the big and small things in your lives matter to me. 

You are both as diversely different as the poles, but the two of you are each other’s person, and I hope that you stick together no matter what. When things get weird, don’t panic, just be weird together.


Motherhood is my greatest joy. It is my greatest achievement, But I am many other things in addition to being your mother. I am Me, my own person, with my own identity, being your mom yet holding on to who I am.  

We have spent some of the best times of our lives together and there will be more and I look forward to that.  





3,039 Replies to “Letter from Mom – Straight from the heart.

  1. Very well written.you are a great mum .thank you for all the love n care u always give the family .we all are proud of u always n all u du for us .thank you god bless .prays .Paris also thanks you for caring n loving her always ..

  2. Something that they will always remember. You and Clifton are fantastic parents,Kim and Ash are fantastic children,Niece and nephew.(more like siblings to me). Two masterpieces of individual identities created, carved and shaped by beautiful, caring and loving parents. You are always an inspiration to me and I will always try to be as perfect as you are. Love always. ❤️

  3. Awesome piece Doms. I always think all parents love unconditionally, but some like you put it into words so beautifully. ��

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  4. Reading this I sit here and cry like a baby. But I couldn't be more grateful and thankful to God for an amazing mother and father you have taught me everything I know today and you will always be our role model no matter what. I love you and daddy unconditionally and I always will I have no other words to show you how much you mean to me besides thank you and I love you I love you more than anything in this entire universe. You are my muse and the best human being I know. You need to really stop making me cry at work hahah.. but beautiful mum I am so proud of you and I'm so proud you are my muma 💜🦄

  5. Another Awesome one there Doms. Everyone know what a Wonderful Mom you always were and still are. No one can beat you at that. Certain circumstances with loss of our mum, coincidentally completing 23 years today, caused me to look up to you for support. Having being left alone with Daddy an no clue on how to handle so many things, you were my Mother Hen like I always said and still are. Not sure how I would have got a grip of things if not for your help. I succeeded tho but still when needed got you to fall back on. Love you😘😘

  6. Very well written Doma. I have seen how loving n caring mother you are to your kids….
    Your kid's are really lucky to have u as a mother n me also lucky to have you as a friend…..🤗

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