Hakuna Matata ….. A worry free philosophy

Relax, allow the mind to become empty, and surprise yourself with the great treasure that begins to flow from your soul” 
– Paul Coelho

It’s been a busy but gratifying week and I’m looking forward to the weekend again.

But before you know it, the weekend is over. 

As the weekend comes to an end each of us mentally start preparing for the week ahead. Work schedules, school schedules, meetings, appointments, deadlines, what to cook for breakfast, lunch or dinner, what to wear and a load of other thoughts cram our heads. 

Over the years we accumulate stuff – clothes, furniture, curios, pictures, letters and so many other things.  Crowding and cluttering our homes till we decide it’s time to get rid of some of it. It is amazing when you think about it, we have more stuff than we need most of the time. So every once in a while we do a clean-up around the house. Getting rid of things we don’t need any more.We choose areas of the home and begin with giving stuff away, throwing away some of it and freeing up space in rooms and closets. 
A simple and straightforward way of decluttering. 

In a similar way we accumulate our thoughts and emotions. The brain is cluttered. 
We cannot compartmentalise the brain and rearrange our thoughts in groups of how to deal with it. That is when the over thinking starts.

I know you hear, but do you listen? How to surrender to life.
   Let me tell you a little secret. Things     have a way of falling into place. I have said these words  so many times, to my family, friends and myself. I believe it to be completely true.. 
The brain needs rejuvenating every now and then. It needs a break from all the overthinking, the stressing and the hyperventilating. 

There are people who overthink everything.
From how they look or what someone thinks about them, to did they do something the right way or what’s going to happen tomorrow.  
And then there are those who take things as they come, and deal with it in a calm and composed manner. 
My family comes with a mix of both. 
A pack of assorted nuts I would say! 😁

Overthinking is just the art of creating problems that do not exist. 
Having too much on your mind can exhaust you mentally and physically. 
Most often the worrying is bigger than the problem. 

Life does not mean meticulous planning for every moment that we live . There is no rule book to follow. Keeping life organized often feels like a juggling act
We have been taught to take control of our lives and situations. However, over the years, my perspective has shifted.  I’ve learned the hard way that a great deal of the control we believe we have over our lives is an illusion. 
Being impetuous is fun sometimes.
Find time to relax, to soak up the sun or just soak in a bath. 
Make “ME” time. 
Leave all the worries behind. Detox the brain. 
Adopt an “IF’ or “OR ELSE” approach.

This is my philosophy

Don’t worry, be happy. 
These are not just the words of a song. They are a mantra. 
I have never been a worrier. I never lose sleep over matters that I have no control over. I set all problems aside when I go to bed, waking up the next day to deal with it.
A fresh mind will make it look a lot less worrying than it did the night before.
There is a solution for every problem, it may not be the one we are looking for, but it probably is the best solution. 
Even if it is for a few hours a week, stay away from social media and the television. Instead read a book, cook, go for a walk or a long drive, do whatever makes you relax. Be amazed by the world around you. Be one with nature. Also disconnect from toxic emotions like anger, hate and jealousy, they are destructive and overburden your mind, leaving no space for love and appreciation. We all have our moments, but don’t let them get the better of you. 
Make it more about you
Take time to look within, think about yourself. Find clarity in the moment and seize the opportunity to pamper yourself. For some it may be a day at the spa, while others would rather play a game of tennis, or go for a swim. Use up all the accumulated energy that you would otherwise spend on overthinking. 
Most of us feel better when we talk about what’s on our minds. Talk to someone. You don’t always need them to give you advice, just having someone listen to you does the trick. 
Especially now, more and more people have a constant worry about jobs, health and the future. This is the time to reach out to one another.
**I am a pretty good listener, for those who need to talk** ❤️

We condition ourselves to get used to routines. But life has a way of laughing at us. The present situation in the world is proof of how the Universe is in control. Stop worrying about what’s going to happen next. We have no power over it. 

Look around you and savour the moment. This is where you are. It is here and now. Less juggling, more living. Clear your mind of things beyond your control and breathe, Just breathe.


              “The Guy in the glass” – one of my favourite poems, is a must read. 

2,967 Replies to “Hakuna Matata ….. A worry free philosophy

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  1. Another Awesome One!!!. It's all so true but sometimes unavoidable or out of control.

    Dealing with certain matters can truly be stressful and depressing. Been through it from a young age. Have learnt a lot though and how to handle situations too. Talking to someone sure helps, you know that pretty well when it comes to me. Your the chosen one (Mother Hen) my pet name for you.

    Somethings got to be handled ourselves. They can be dealt with easily or got to go the hard way around.

    Never give up till you succeed is my way out. Love you����

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  2. This post covers all the important points needed to be used in our day to day lives. My philosophy has always been 'Like attracts Mike's be Positive and you attract the energy. Inspired from 'The Secret'. Has surely brought me a LONG LONG way. Keep these beautiful posts coming,they surely d rejuvenate our thoughts and service our brains. Love you 💗

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